Welcome to This Virtual Space of Global Healing

Come as you are. Let’s get to know each other.

Whoever you are, whatever you are carrying, whatever mood you may be in, whatever you have experienced, in your life or just today, you are welcome here. All of you, with your sorrows and joys, your challenges and your victories, your shadow and your light.

It is my intention that after spending time here, in this virtual temple I am creating, you will leave feeling better than you did when you arrived. A little more relaxed, happy, uplifted, joyful, hopeful. That you will experience an internal shift towards healing exactly where you need it the most, even if it is so subtle that you may not notice it right away.

Perhaps you will even take some of these insights with you, try them out, and pass them along to others. The abundance of the Universe flows freely here, and the more we share, the richer we all become.

And as you settle in, I will share a few words about how this space came about and what it has to offer.

My Mission: Healing the Earth

Since I was a child, I knew I had a special mission in life that was beyond what was typically expected of someone like me. I knew I was a healer, but not the type who would get medical training and see individual patients. My “patient” was the entire planet, wherever I can get in touch with it.

  • My primary point of contact with the Earth is my own being — body, mind, emotions, my own energy field that I am radiating at all times. I am part of the planet that is conscious of itself. Healing myself would be the first step.
  • Then, my relationship to the world that’s closest to me: my family and friends, my home. My ancestors and my descendants. My most intimate circle.
  • And of course, my contribution to the world at large: my community, society and culture, the environment, political systems, international relations.

My Gift: Sharing My Process of Discovery

As a natural writer that came into this world with a clear knowing that this sacred gift is my gift — despite having abandoned it for years, for a variety of reasons I will explore later — I decided to start sharing my personal experiences of healing with the world.

My methods differ quite a bit, depending on where I am on my journey. I am still discovering what they are. This is what this blog is about.

This blog is not intended to offer any definitive answers — only to invite you into a space where, together, we can dive into a deeper exploration of the questions.

Of course, some of the methods I’ve discovered and found helpful are individual, what worked for me may not work for you, but a lot of them are applicable to everyone.

More importantly, my overall strategy is working.

My Path: The Infinite Upward Spiral

My life, despite the natural up and down waves that bring their own gifts of learning and experience, keeps getting better.

  • Overall, I feel happier, more aligned, more inspired and more excited to live now than I ever have in the past.
  • My inner spaciousness keeps growing, and I am able to maintain equanimity through challenging moments that a few years ago may have triggered a dysfunctional and unhappy pattern in me.
  • I am on on a journey, still, and the journey will never end, only transform, but I love the trajectory.

It is my full intention to invite you to join me on this upward spiral into the world we can co-create together, honoring the wisdom and the resilience of our ancestors, and inviting the infinite universal creative force to inspire us, to bring forth a truly emergent future than may be more exciting than anything we can imagine from our limited human experience.

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