How to Start Where I Am

My journey to start this blog has been a tumultuous one. I kept encountering obstacles that would halt my progress until I finally had an epiphany: I can’t wait until I “get there,” to some unrealistic perfection, in order to write about how I did it. I have to start now.

I am an explorer at heart, and even when some areas of my life feel stuck, when I’m behind, when challenges are unresolved and uncertainty is present, I have to be present as well. All of it is exactly where I need to be. All of it is exactly what I need to write about.

This blog is a travelogue. A travelogue from home. Start anywhere and follow along as my path unfolds before me.

Today I had a challenging day and felt like I got nothing done, but the internal shift was palpable. I can’t have another day go by without writing. I can’t have another day go by without moving towards my goal of creating a resource that would help others move through challenges similar to those I’m going through. I didn’t invent frustration, regret, or even procrastination. I am certain that no matter how isolating some of my challenges feel, many of you could relate. I can no longer wait until my life is sufficiently organized in order to start sharing. I have to start where I am.

As I finally got the kids to bed and settled in to open my writing app, I found a draft I created weeks ago, never finished and forgot about. Ironically, the topic was exactly the same: starting where I am and documenting the journey.

One of the main goals of this blog is to document my journey through bringing myself out into the world, past my own insecurities and my resistance. I have known for years that I am meant to create a blog, yet it has taken me all those years and a few failed attempts to finally do it. Many obstacles along the way have slowed my down, becoming an excuse for my procrastination.

I would love to unpack some of these obstacles and how I overcame them — both for my own records as well as for the reader’s consideration. Perhaps you are wondering if you should take a leap into the unknown and start something as well?

I have resisted the temptation to convert my writing to YOU-statements because at this moment in my personal development, I lack the arrogance to do so. Perhaps in a few weeks I may be brave enough to start sharing what YOU should be doing if you are feeling stuck. First, join me on a path of getting unstuck myself. Stay tuned for more details.

And as for all the creative people that have fascinating “My Story” sections on their websites about how they’ve hit some personal version of rock bottom, turned things around, worked hard, contributed, helped others, achieved recognition and were now ready to teach others — well, if I know that it is part of my destiny as well in one way or another, why not start to write from where I am to see where life takes me? Isn’t it more fun to follow a story if you don’t know the ending?

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